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Engineered Tooling Solutions
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Engineered Tooling Solutions

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Form ToolExtensive design experience in Thermoform Tooling from conventional to highly customized applications gives us the ability to take your project from product design through optimized tooling and accessory package delivery. We solid model design across multiple CAD packages to best suit your project requirements and have a host of import/export tools that allow us to exchange all major CAD data.

All projects begin with a true engineer acting as a Project Engineer evaluating and quoting your project and providing valuable design input and discussing challenges as a quotation is formulated. Once an order is place a design engineer is assigned and works directly with the customer and the project engineer to clarify expectations, streamline the process, and remove bottlenecks in communications. A web based design kick-off is held where we encourage as much customer participation as possible to insure a clear direction for the design is agreed upon.

Form Tool 1All project designs conclude with a formal customer design approval process ensuring the customer is fully satisfied that all requirements are met. We pride ourselves on developing innovative solutions and maintaining the complete confidentiality of all our customer's designs.


Products & Services

Freeman Company specializes in Thermoform Tooling. We are experts in thin-film thermoform tooling for the high volume food-service and packaging industries, as well as a broad range of manufacturing services.

  • thermoform tooling
  • thin-gauge plastic
  • metal stamping dies
  • blanking dies
  • tool & die making
  • custom machining
  • contract machining
  • blow molds
  • draw dies
  • folding dies
  • reverse engineering
  • inspection service
  • repairs
  • replacement parts