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Engineered Tooling Solutions

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Recent Milestones

110311-Freeman-420201349-0228With our commitment to continuous improvement, something is always going on at Freeman Company. Here are a few of the significant improvements we've made in our company and capabilities over the past few years.



May, 2015 – Capacity is added in our surface grinding department with the addition of a third precision grinder. This additional capacity compliments our recent additions in our precision machining area removing bottlenecks and shorting lead times for critical components.


July, 2014 – Precision steps up to a class leading level as our new Jig Boring machine begins operation. Travels of 1800 x 1200 x 600 allow us to complete large components in a single set-up with documented positional and size accuracy levels measuring sub 0.0001” levels. Our new High Precision Work Bay complete with this machine, Jig Grinding, Swiss OD/ID grinding, and high end Wire EDMs takes Freeman yet another step ahead of the competition.

June, 2014 – Freeman takes delivery and commences start-up of our two new large format Horizontal Machining centers. The machine travels of 2000 x 1700 x 1400mm coupled with pallet changers and 180 tool magazines elevate our capacity as well as capability to an entirely new level. We look to fully utilize this equipment improving further upon our industry leading accuracies as well as lights out operation in pursuit of delivering higher quality parts to our customers with a shorter lead time.

April, 2014 – New construction on our large capacity milling area gets under way with machinery moves, excavation, and pouring a meter thick floor requiring 39 cement trucks to complete. The floor is designed to provide the required support for new Horizontal Milling machines due later this summer.

January, 2014 – Freeman’s High Precision Machining Bay starts to take shape with the installation of a 5 ton bridge crane and completion of a 1 meter thick vibration dampening floor throughout the entire area, the pour requires 37 cement trucks to complete. The crane matches lifting capacity to new equipment capacities and the floor serves as the foundation to support new precision equipment and ultimately part accuracies Freeman and our customers count on.


August, 2013 – In preparation of a major renovation and addition of new equipment Freeman adds capacity in the form of a new VMC with 84” travels.  The additional capacity will allow Freeman to avoid delivery delays to our customers due to disruptions caused by renovations and necessary machinery moves.

February, 2013 – Freeman takes delivery of a 20kW Fiber Laser for parts marking.  The addition will allow us to supply all parts to our customers clearly marked with all key identification information they desire.  This will aid our customers with inventory control, part revision control, and reordering once again adding to the overall value Freeman provides our customers.

January, 2013 - 100 ton shop press is added for safe efficient installation and removal of extended length press fit guide pins.  


August, 2012 – Freeman’s second high precision CMM a Zeiss Prismo Navigator is installed and put into service. The machine has a 1200 x 1800 x 1000mm measuring envelope and is equipped with a Vast XT active scanning head. The size of this machine gives Freeman the ability to not only measure large individual parts but full tool assemblies giving us quality assurance capability over all our production.

July, 2012 - Work is completed on Freeman’s 1200 sqft quality control lab. The new lab, located within Freeman’s fully temperature controlled facility, is equipped with a new 3 ton bridge crane and will provide a controlled space for inspection activities. July - Receipt and installation is completed on our new Zeiss Micura CMM. The machine has 500mm in length width and height measuring envelope and is equipped with a Vast XT Gold active scanning head boasting a length measuring error of only 2.15 microns or (0.00008”) within the volume of the machine.

March, 2012 - A third high precision Wire EDM machine is added to increase capacity. The machine is equipped with work piece frame sets and an ergonomic lift to minimize in machine set-up times and aid in lights out operation. The added capacity will allow Freeman to better service our customers with shorter deliveries while maintaining the industry leading accuracy Freeman is known for.


December, 2011 - December - Freeman adds prototype forming and trimming capability with delivery of a cut sheet former and trim press with match metal trimming capabilities. These additions give us the ability to further assist our customers by being involved with product design and trials at the initial stages of development. Freeman can now provide quick turn production representative samples to our customers and early feedback regarding production tooling challenges due to product designs.

September, 2011 - ILLIG selects Freeman as an Exclusive Service Partner to support ILLIG tooling in the USA and Canada, based on Freeman's level of engineering expertise and close tolerance manufacturing capabilities. As part of the agreement, Freeman employees traveled to ILLIG's facility in Heilbronn, Germany for training on ILLIG's tooling, designs, and methods. This is a very positive long-term relationship for both companies and a major step in expanding Freeman's abilities regarding form and trim in-place tooling.


September - October, 2010 - 5-axis linear cell operates at over 90% utilization for extended time period running 24/7. Continual drive to fully utilize the capabilities of the machines and the robotic cell has proven successful as we see great gains in output and schedule realization from this investment.

June, 2010 – Frame sets and ergonomic lift are put into operation at our wire EDM cell. The frame sets can be quickly loaded in and out of the wire machines with part locations already picked up. This will allow quick part-to-part changeovers, give us the ability to get more unmanned run time, and setup parts outside the machine envelope with great accuracy.

February, 2010 - 5-axis linear cell is fully operational. With little to no operator interface with the machine controllers, operators are loading the cell magazines with the robot and interfacing mainly via the cell controller. We are seeing great gains in productivity and efficiency utilizing laser tool measurement, in process part probing, tool life management, redundant tooling, and standardized tooling.

110311-Freeman-420201349-0398January, 2010 - Installation is completed on Freeman's linear robotic cell. The cell controller will automate the operation of our two high-speed 5-axis machines by linking them to a 40-pallet magazine. It is designed to provide the capability of running 24/7 allowing Freeman to greatly improve the utilization of our machines, gaining through-put, and decreasing lead times on cavities. The cell will give us unparalleled flexibility regarding the mix of products we can run allowing us to insert rush jobs and one piece prototypes in the middle of production runs with very little human intervention or schedule disruption.


October, 2009 - Freeman takes delivery of two identical high-speed 5-axis machining centers. This represents Freeman's first installation of 5-axis machines and a major investment into the future with plans in the works to create an automated cell for the production of cavities.

April, 2009 - Makino KE arrives and takes the place of our final general use Bridgeport mill. The KE offers better feeds, speeds, rigidity, and accuracy than a Bridgeport and represents another step in upgrading our abilities throughout the entire facility at every level.

February, 2009 - Installation of crane rails and two (2) ton bridge cranes is completed in the South West wing of the facility. The cranes service the entire length of the bay and provide service to our grinding and relocated assembly area.

January, 2009 - Manufacturing area re-lit with high-efficiency lighting. 103 quartz halide lights were replaced with high efficiency fluorescent lights and individual motion sensors. The lights will operate on less than one third the power and provide a much brighter atmosphere in our manufacturing department.


February, 2008 - Freeman's third large horizontal machining center is put into service. This machine is equipped with a pallet changer, multi-sided tombstones with fixturing chucks, large tool magazine, and robotic interface. The machine will be focused on the production of punches and dies and will take full advantage of tool life management, laser tool measurement, and in process part probing to insure the production of quality parts and a high level of machine utilization.

February, 2008 - Freeman completes the sale of our forged die business. This sale represents the last major step in our transition from a fabrication and manual machine shop into a state of the art CNC tool shop and allows us to focus investment on the latest technologies available to produce custom tooling that provides maximum value to our customers.

March, 2008 - New high accuracy wire EDM put into service. Keeping with our intent to automate the machine was purchased with a robotic interface.

July, 2008 - Two new lathes are put into production. One is equipped with dual spindles and a lower turret with live tooling it is capable of six sided machining of parts complete from raw stock without operator intervention. This addition doubles the capacity in our turning cell allowing us to further shorten lead times. Coupled with our existing Mill Turn centers and Fanuc robot we will be able to take on more complex machining challenges with shorter lead times.


March, 2007 - Installation is completed on Freeman's second multi-axis turning center. The machine is fully equipped with dual spindles, upper milling head, and a lower turret with live tooling. Beginning a new direction towards automation this machine is interfaced with a Fanuc robot and drawer style magazine system enabling it to complete 6 sided machining of multiple jobs without being tended by an operator. Our focus is to maximize machine utilization, eliminate multiple manned set-ups across multiple machines, and eliminate the time our skilled machinists spend tending machines all to improve cost and delivery to our customers.


Products & Services

Freeman Company specializes in Thermoform Tooling. We are experts in thin-film thermoform tooling for the high volume food-service and packaging industries, as well as a broad range of manufacturing services.

  • thermoform tooling
  • thin-gauge plastic
  • metal stamping dies
  • blanking dies
  • tool & die making
  • custom machining
  • contract machining
  • blow molds
  • draw dies
  • folding dies
  • reverse engineering
  • inspection service
  • repairs
  • replacement parts