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Engineered Tooling Solutions
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Engineered Tooling Solutions

Call us today at 419-334-9709
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Form Tooling

  • IMG_5322Engineered or build to print
  • Design configurations to fit all major machine types including 3rd motion machines

  • Our mold construction incorporates many features for ease of changeover and maintenance.

  • All rigid sheet and foam materials including PP, PS, HIPS, OPS, PVC, APET, PET, ABS, HDPE, EPS, PC, TFPP, RPET, PETG, CFPP, CPET

  • Balanced vacuum and form air configurations provide product uniformity across the entire mold and assist in enlarging the process envelope

  • Optimized cooling circuitry significantly reduces cycle times.

  • Flood cooled cavities for maximum efficiency in heat removal or economic contact cooled cavities

  • Individual or bank style cavity layouts to provide optimum sheet utilization.

  • Multiple quick-change cavity and plug options are available to minimize mold changeover times.

  • Plug Assist Tool Half

    Plug assists are engineered for each specific application using a broad selection of materials including multi-zone heated aluminum

  • Shear key assemblies for EPS tooling

  • Self-releasing closure mechanisms to help facilitate stripping from the mold cavity.

  • Quick turnaround on repairs and services offered for all makes and types of tooling utilizing 3 shift in-house manufacturing capabilities.

  • Manufactured in 100% climate controlled facility


Products & Services

Freeman Company specializes in Thermoform Tooling. We are experts in thin-film thermoform tooling for the high volume food-service and packaging industries, as well as a broad range of manufacturing services.

  • thermoform tooling
  • thin-gauge plastic
  • metal stamping dies
  • blanking dies
  • tool & die making
  • custom machining
  • contract machining
  • blow molds
  • draw dies
  • folding dies
  • reverse engineering
  • inspection service
  • repairs
  • replacement parts